How Did They Do It? Flooring Solutions


For Diane, happily ever after is running a commercial flooring company with her husband Joe. He came from the flooring industry and she was a commercial designer. Their formula for success hinges on three main ingredients: providing a level of service their competition finds difficult to replicate; having the grit necessary to successfully navigate difficult times like recessions and the pandemic; and maintaining supportive relationships with their teammates.
An example of the latter is during the pandemic – a single mom was prompted to bring her young son to the office so she could be near to him if he needed help with his e-learning. After school, Joe taught him how to play ping-pong on the company ping-pong table.

Sometimes providing superior customer service requires playing a little ping pong with scheduling work for their clients. Flooring Solutions works in new construction or in existing occupied space without disrupting operations. One memorable job was replacing flooring for a bank that was unable to shut down. In addition to working around the bank’s operating hours, they had to be careful about gluing materials and mindful of chemical odors permeating the environment. In the end, Flooring Solutions was able to complete the project while meeting the bank’s needs.

Syscon has been able to meet Flooring Solutions’ needs. Diane and Joe said they are very grateful for the relationship they’ve had with Syscon. They migrated from Quickbooks and manually calculating proposals to using Sage. Backups used to be stored on physical tape drives—they are now backing up in the cloud. These updates brought measurable time saving efficiencies. Happily ever after keeps getting happier!

Fast Facts

Full Name: Flooring Solutions, Inc.
Location: Oak Brook, IL
Specialty: Commercial Flooring
Founded: 1997
Professional Affiliations: International Facility Managers Association