How Did They Do It? Collier Custom Homes


In a recent interview with Sycon, Collier Bashara, the creative force behind Collier Custom Homes, shared insights into his successful journey in custom home construction.

Encouraged by friends, he took a leap of faith, leaving his banking career behind to pursue his passion for building. His company, named after his grandmother, emphasizes quality and client relationships. His success is attributed to his skilled team of subcontractors and a commitment to understanding clients’ needs, particularly in creating “forever houses.”

Last year, navigating the complexities of construction accounting led him to Sycon, appreciating their seamless solutions. He highlighted the pivotal role technology plays, acknowledging the importance of further training to maximize software potential.
Despite embracing technology, Bashara’s heart remains in the hands-on aspects of his projects and the personal interactions with clients, underscoring his genuine passion for the craft.

Collier Bashara’s story epitomizes the fusion of passion, expertise, and technology in modern construction, showcasing how personalized approaches and digital solutions can drive success in the industry. – RB

Fast Facts

Location: San Antonio, TX
Specialty: Custom Home Building, House Renovations, Historical Restorations.
Founded: 2004
Affiliations: Greater San Antonio Builders Association and Texas Association of Builders