How Did They Do It? Better Builders


Courtney Burke has always loved real estate and architecture, so serving as controller at a design build firm aligns her talents and interests well. Everyone at Better Builders loves what they do and knows that creating a space people actually enjoy living in is important. Courtney’s favorite part of her day is when she reviews the live status of their projects so she can see the progress the team is making and the impact their work is having on their clients’ homes.

Syscon’s Cost to Complete report helps her monitor the expected costs to complete projects throughout the lifetime of a given job. This up-to-date-information makes her life easier for billing, also making it easier for the production team to monitor projects and keep them on track.

Having a good system in place allows everyone to focus more on the clients. Better Builders makes every effort to go out of their way to help people. In one case, they had an elderly client who needed a deck and ramp built for her husband, who was wheelchair-bound and his health was deteriorating rapidly. Better Builders worked as quickly as possible, even adding extra hours and weekends to get it done. Ultimately, they were able to finish the ramp in time for him to enjoy the space before passing on. Their dedication to service and care truly sets Better Builders apart.

Fast Facts

Full Name: Better Builders
Location: Seattle, WA
Specialty: Design, build, remodel
Founded: 2010
Professional Affiliations: Master Builders Association, Built Green