How Did They Do It? Ambrose Construction


Brad Wageman, owner of Ambrose Construction, has paved a path in the construction industry through his unwavering passion for carpentry. Starting alongside his brother, his journey has been defined by determination and a fervent dedication to building. After a teaching stint, he embraced carpentry wholeheartedly. Seven years in a design-build firm sharpened his skills before founding Ambrose Construction.

His recipe for success includes unrelenting hard work, perseverance, and a steadfast team. Collaboration is a cornerstone of the industry, and his commitment to nurturing a skilled and reliable team has been pivotal.

The pandemic introduced challenges that are familiar to many—supply chain disruptions and a tight labor market. They overcame these hurdles by optimizing resources and embracing adaptability, leaving a valuable lesson in their wake.

During the pandemic, the importance of technology became evident. They transitioned to a cloud-based system, enabling remote work, and ensuring seamless access to critical data and applications. Syscon played a crucial role in this transition, offering hosting services and integrating seamlessly with Sage 100 Contractor, streamlining their workflow, and boosting overall efficiency.

Brad’s daily highlight remains visiting project sites. His palpable passion for carpentry shines through as he takes pride in witnessing projects come to life.

With an unwavering team, an ardent love for their craft, and the right tools, Brad and Ambrose continue to erect remarkable structures while nurturing enduring client relationships. Their journey underscores the dividends reaped from perseverance, innovation, and strategic investments in the ever-evolving realm of construction.

Fast Facts

Location: Seattle, WA
Specialty: General Contractor
Founded: 2007
Affiliations: Master Builders Association and the Built Green Program.