How Did They Do It? Alpine Demolition

VP of Operations

Karsten Pawlik, vice president of Alpine Demolition, happened to drive past the charred remains of the Masonic Temple that caught fire the night before. The five-story temple was in a residential area and was so structurally unsound that nearby residents were evacuated as a safety precaution. Fortunately, the collateral damage was limited to one crushed vehicle. Karsten stopped at the site and handed the fire chief his business card and headed to the office. Alpine Demolition was uniquely poised to bid for the job because they had been inside the Masonic Temple five years ago and knew where the asbestos was. Also, they could start the job the next day. They won the bid and were able to remove the unsafe parts of the 97-year-old temple.

Although every situation is unique, many of their jobs are in the same vein as the temple demolition. Alpine is known for their rapid response. Karsten attributed their success to hard work, determination, hiring the right people, and staying ahead of technology. Alpine has worked in the Syscon cloud since December 2014. Karsten said the cloud helps keep the office connected while some work in the field. They also use Sage 100 Contractor, which he said helped keep their jobs on budget and helps Alpine to be a better company. 

Fast Facts

Full Name: Alpine Demolition
Location: Aurora, IL
Specialty: Demolition
Founded: 2002
Professional Affiliations: Association of Subcontractors and Affiliates of Chicago, Fox Valley Contractors, Chicagoland Associated General Contractors, National Demolition Association, IL Mechanical and Specialty Contractors Association, IL Roadbuilders Association, National Safety Council
Other: 100% women-owned