Home Computers, Business Files

We’ve seen a growing number of home computers who need/want to access the business SharePoint documents, but are shared family computers. You probably log in with a local user name (not a company name), so business documents are not readily available.

So how do you access these documents when you’re at home without copying them to the local home computer? We recommend Office.com.

At home, log in as usual, then open a Google browser and log into www.Office.com. From here, you can see all your assigned SharePoint sites, your OneDrive (My Documents), search for email, and even view other Office 365 tools such as Teams. None of these files are copied or installed on the local computer, keeping them separate from the home information and users. You can add, modify, and work in these programs, then when you’re done, log off and they’ll all be available to you when you’re back on your work computer. – CMW