Today, riding on the long Texas roads, I found myself contemplating all that had to happen to allow me this experience/adventure of a Coast to Coast bike ride. I feel great gratitude for this opportunity.


First, my wife of 37 years, Cathy. After 37 years, we have developed a routine. Working together, play, maintaining the house, the laundry, paying the bills – all the different things that a long-time couple just learn how to do together to keep things running smoothly. This trip is the longest we have ever been physically apart in our 37 years and it disrupts the routine.   Cathy had to adjust and make many choices that were simply to support my undertaking this trip and her willingness and support throughout is just one of the many reasons that I love her. I am grateful for every moment I have ever spent with her and hope for many more years to come.


The staff at Syscon has been wildly supportive of this adventure. Chris has taken on many of my responsibilities in addition to his own very busy schedule. Dave and Mary have also filled in many gaps. Beth and Mariano have developed this website blog and had fun with it, bringing me along in the fun. I have absolute trust in the techs, the programmers, the staff – everyone – that anything I left undone or comes up will be handled absolutely. I am so grateful that I don’t have to really worry about anything related to my Syscon responsibilities for this time.


I am grateful to our clients – so many have become friends over the years – who have shown interest in what I’m doing and being very, very supportive – even if they have to work around my odd schedule for this time. What a privilege it is to work with people like this.

My riding buddies from Strada-C – LeeAnn, Paula, and Jimmy – who have trained with me and encouraged me and excitedly join vicariously in this trip with me every day via text and e-mail. I’m riding with some serious bikers this trip who log thousands of miles every year. Very few of them have the special type of support my Strada-C group provides. I am blessed by this.


Finally, I feel blessed by God that I have the health, resources, and all the support needed for this adventure.  


I am blessed.  I am grateful. Thank you to all of you!