GoDaddy Scam Alert

GoDaddy Scam Alert

Scam looks like GoDaddy; but it ISN’T

This one looks pretty good – an email arrives and looks like it is from GoDaddy. It says your account has Error 4174 and you need to reactive your account due to ‘Major Security Protocols.’

DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK – it directs you to an attack site. If you have any concern about your GoDaddy account, call their Customer Support number and talk to them directly.

In general, do not click links from email solicitations (see Jan/Feb Newsletter). These often re-direct to malicious websites, or are scams to make a website look like it has a lot of traffic. Either way, you are at risk. Contact your vendor, ask for your regular sales representative, use their 800# from the invoice, but don’t click on links or offer/enter account information.

The best defense is a good offense. Thanks to Lenny who found this scam and reported it right away!

Catherine Wendt

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Syscon Inc