Go To Meeting vs Teams

We’ve been recommending the use of Teams for internal Chat, internal meetings (audio and/or video), sharing documents, and even ‘live’ collaboration right in the document! So why are we using Go To Meeting when we meet with you to look at your question or train on something new? So glad you asked…

For some of our clients, their IT group has turned off the ability for us to ‘take over’ your screen, to use the keyboard and mouse. This makes it very difficult for us to drill down and dig into an issue that you’re having. We can always stop what we’re doing, launch the Go To Meeting and start over, but that can be frustrating and wastes time.

In self defense and to save everyone’s nerves, we send Go To Meeting invitations for our all training, troubleshooting, and discovery consulting calls. We love Teams and use it extensively for ourselves, but watch for our Go To meeting invites when we jump on our next call with you. And as always, cameras are still optional! – CMW