Frustration! Is It The Tool?

My father-in-law was a Mason Contractor. One of his masons, Tommy McLaughlin, was a true craftsman. His work was beautiful! I also remember the stories about how he took care of his tools. He purchased great tools, then took care of them, all the way down to polishing his work boots!

I’m confident that if I were to use Tommy’s tools, I would not have the same result! My work with a trowel would be messy, at best. I just don’t know anything about using a trowel.

So what does that have to do with computer frustrations? Well, this story points out that even an excellent tool in the hands of someone who does not know how to use it, will bring a poor result; and quite a bit of frustration, too.

When clients come to us with frustrations about their hardware and software, there are quite a few times when the core of the problem is a lack of training with the tool. It’s not a reflection of the user’s intelligence, or anything like that; they just haven’t been trained to use the tool. I consider myself pretty smart, and I’m sure I could find a video or two on using a trowel, but that won’t be enough for me to do a great job with the trowel.

Our technology tools are amazing and can produce great results with a lot of time-savings.  But, you need to invest in learning to use the tool. Consider investing in some training, join a user group, spend the time to watch some video trainings, attend a webinar, and similar. These are investments in your education, and that kind of investment has an amazing ROI, not to mention lessening the frustrations of using the hardware and software.

Need some help, training, or some ideas on where to start? Give us a call! – CMW