Free to Focus: Book Review

Like many authors in this space, Michael Hyatt started his journey when he found himself successful, but overworked, out of touch with his family, and experiencing health issues—there had to be a better way!

He starts with the need to stop and decide what you want, evaluate where you’re going and re-energize yourself. Then there’s the work of learning when to say ‘No,’ determining what you love and are best suited to do, and taking yourself out of tasks that others can do (maybe even better than you!). Finally, he works through specific action steps you can take to put in motion what you’ve learned about yourself and your goals. Many of the concepts are found in similar books.

The book is very practical. He has online tools to assist with some of the list-making assignments so you’re not staring at a blank piece of paper. There are some nice quotes and some great reminders. One of the reminders I appreciated was, ‘ideas in your business or personal life come when you’re relaxed enough to let your mind wander.’ A good reminder in our fast-paced lives!  – CMW