Field Integrated Time (F.I.T.), Mobile Devices, and Sage 100 Contractor

In the May issue of Construction Today, there’s an article on ‘The New Age’ of mobile work coming to the construction industry. We’re already helping our clients collect field time from mobile devices, and we’re fully integrated (really!) with Sage 100 Contractor version 20.

For many years, we’ve empathized with the office as they try to read employee names, job names, number of hours, and work performed on Monday morning timesheets. We were so excited when the FAX machine replaced all the phone calls to the office, but then we couldn’t read the writing. Now the field guys just take a picture of their handwritten time sheets and send that in, but it’s still illegible, and now it’s smaller than ever!

Then when we finally get all the time, we figure out someone has too many hours on one day; the totals don’t match; we’re missing a crew member and we can’t tell if they were out sick that day or the time was missed. So we have to get back on the phone and get the rest of the information; more delay, and now we’ve interrupted the field work.

We have a solution – using Android phones, Smart phones, Tablets, or a web browser, the field can enter their time. It’s integrated with Sage 100 Contractor, so they choose from the Job list. A Foreman can enter for his whole crew, or each person can enter their individual time. They can see a summary before they send it to the office. They can choose from your Cost Code list, choose what piece of equipment was used, or a work order number. They can add a client signature; and there are other great features available.

When the data gets to the office, it can be reviewed and confirmed. There are several different views available to make it easy for the office to check that everything is in place and ready before automatically moving the time to Sage 100 Contractor, ready to create the payroll.

This is amazing technology and we know it will revolutionize our Construction clients. There are many features, safeguards, and options available; way more than we can fit in this short blog. We have some introductory demos coming up. Curious? Give us a call and we’ll sign you up for the next demo – 630-850-9039