FFCRA wages for W-2’s, 2020; required!

Always something new that we have to cram into our packed yearend process! Well, this year is no different. Now we have to report the wages our employees received under the special COVID Sick pay benefits. If you haven’t already heard, you’ll have to report these COVID-related wages on the W-2 for 2020.

There were three (3) categories under which an employee might qualify to receive these additional benefits. Ever since this started, we’ve sent updated info, provided webinars, and other updates in our newsletters about tracking these payments. It all happened so fast, and no one knew what reports would be needed.

DON’T PANIC – we know what you need to create in Sage 100 Contractor to report the wages under one, two, or all three of the categories. AND, you can create these before OR after the Payroll Close (but before you generate the W-2’s, of course).

If we’re helping you with your payroll closing process, we won’t have time to deal with the FFCRA wage reporting. Give us a call to schedule about half an hour to help you with this process so you have everything you need to get these special wages reported on the W-2’s. If you’re doing your own payroll close, happy to schedule a separate half hour to work through the W-2 reporting you need.

Call us (630-850-9039) or email CustomerSupport@syscon-inc.com so we can setup a time with you!