Facebook – There’s Two of You

Larry has a Facebook page. It’s not very active and he doesn’t keep it updated, but likes to check in on friends and family from time-to-time.

Our daughter called—she was receiving invitations but knew this was a common scam. Her friends have had this happen to them, as well.

Basically, someone sets up a second Facebook account with your picture and some basics, then invites all your friends. What’s in it for them? They begin to ask for seemingly innocuous information, your friends think they’re talking to you, so they answer. These questions are targeted to get just the right kind of info to impersonate you or access your accounts.

Knowing what was happening, she went one step further and contacted Facebook about the second account. They immediately shut it down—thanks Facebook! For those of you who are heavy Facebook users, be vigilant! This is a known strategy. They only keep doing it because it works and is profitable! – CMW