Extreme Ownership: Book Review

In recounting their intense missions in the US effort to re-take Ar Ramadi, Iraq, these two NAVY SEAL leaders weave together their intense SEAL training with the lessons that brought them success in these difficult venues. They share their experiences with their teams, leadership successes and failures, and the ownership concept.

The format keeps the book moving along. Reading SEAL stories in difficult conditions is riveting. Added to that were the many ways the SEALS coordinated with other US agencies such as the Army, Navy, and Marines, as well as the need, and ultimate success, of incorporating Iraqi soldiers. Both authors tackle different topics, share a story from the Ramadi effort, then share the concepts as they play out in various businesses that they’ve worked with. They have a leadership training program that has been modified from their SEAL leadership training, specific to the business community.

Some of the chapters’ topics are Extreme Ownership, No Bad Teams, Check the Ego, and various combat styles. Every team leader, junior team leader, in business or personal organizations, will benefit from this book. Go for it! – CMW