Evite Data Breach and Your Info

Several family and friends love to use Evite for their party invitations. It’s convenient and works well. Since I reply to these invitations, it seems I’m on their mailing list.

On June 12th, I received an email from Evite about a data breach.

It seems they noticed unauthorized access on April 15th (two months earlier) and engaged a security firm to figure out what happened. There was malicious activity starting in February 2019 (four months earlier).

The announcement says the compromised file goes back to 2013 and includes names, user names, email address, and yes, Evite passwords, and if provided by the user (is this finger pointing?), date of birth, phone number, and address. Well, that’s the holy grail, folks. So, if you use this service, change the password, and approach all solicitations with great caution. Hopefully you’ve been following along with us and didn’t use the same password on other sites! – CMW