Teams Voice – What it is (and isn’t) – 02/16/23

Teams Voice – What it is (and isn’t)

How old is your cell phone? With that number in mind, how old are the phones in your office?! Can I just say ‘Wow’!!

When clients ask questions about moving to Voice over IP (VoIP), Teams Voice, I hear a lot of questions like:

  • Can I keep an office number?
  • What about voice mail? How does that work?
  • After-hours messages, holiday messages – how do these work?
  • We need after-hours emergency routing to field personnel; can that be done?
  • What if I want a physical phone to answer and transfer calls? What’s available and how does that work? What about our staff that does NOT want a physical phone?
  • It’s so expensive to buy everyone a new phone; what are the options?
  • How do people call me if my phones are over the internet?
  • And more just like this!

I get it! We tried a VoIP provider several years ago – it was so disappointing. So what changed? Why reconsider moving to Teams Phones?

Well, that is EXACTLY what we’re going to talk about and share in this 45-minute webinar. We’ve heard your questions (we had many of the same ones!) and with experience under our belt, we’re ready to share what this is all about AND answer your questions! We have some great stories to share, as well.

You’ll want to join us Thursday February 16th at 1:00 Central time where we’ll cover what this solution is (and isn’t) and why we recommend you take a serious look at making this change, either now, or in the near future.

Can’t wait to have you join us!

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