Emailing More Than 20 People? Stop and Read This!

Emailing More Than 20 People? Stop and Read This!

Did you know that if you include more than 20 email addresses in your message, your email could be flagged as spam? If that happens, there are a couple of things that are going to happen that you probably won’t like and might not have anticipated.

The message might end up in the recipient’s junk folder, or even be stopped by the anti-spam service which means they’ll have to ‘release’ it in order to get the message, if they figure out it was even sent.

Another risky situation is that your email address and the server you sent it from can be blacklisted. If that happens, not only will the original message be blocked, but ALL your email will be refused until you petition to have your domain released from that list.

What to do? Use the free version of Mail Chimp or Constant Contact to send to groups of 20 or more addresses. Or, create multiple copies and send to smaller groups.

BTW—this isn’t our rule. It’s the way the IT world works; software, service providers, anti-spam software. No one likes spam. Don’t risk your message never being delivered; use the right tool for the job. Not sure? We’d be happy to help. – CMW