Don’t Be Tricked – A Robo Call Scam

Don’t Be Tricked – A Robo Call Scam

We make a point of sharing any scams we hear about so you can avoid them, then warn your staff, family, and friends. Here’s one to add to the list.

We got a call from “Microsoft.” It was a robo call, an automated call with an automated message. Lots of companies use this type of service. Many doctors’ offices will call with an automated message to remind you of a scheduled appointment, for example. In this case, the voice said it was with Microsoft and that we had a refund coming for some equipment we had purchased. All we had to do was call an 886 number.

First, it’s not very likely that Microsoft is going to call you about a refund; that would be pretty expensive of them. Next, if you take the bait and call the number, you’ll find a very savvy and experienced person on the other end who makes it their job to collect personal information from you. Maybe they’re collecting contact information; maybe they want your bank routing info so they can send the refund (this is a scam, BTW).

In any case, don’t call the number – hang up the phone and just move on with your day. If you really just bought something from Microsoft and think you’re entitled to a refund, go back to the store or company you bought it from and see if that’s the case.

Please share this with others; scams continue because people fall for them, making it profitable to keep up the scam. If everyone hung up, maybe they’d stop, who knows?  – CMW