Disney U by Doug Lipp

I had an opportunity to hear Doug Lipp speak at an industry event. He has passion for his topic, and was ready to give us some specific take-aways to bring back to our businesses. What I remember the best is his statement, ‘Snow White Never Has a Bad Day.’ How do you pull that off?

The book is a nice combination of the history of the Disney dream and philosophies, along with the struggles they had over the years, primarily focused on personnel. There are quite a few reasons to have continuing education, such as success, growth pains, and outside circumstances. It starts with the initial orientation, but there’s a lot more. The idea of ‘walking the park,’ seeing how your customers interact with your staff, with each other, and really spending a day side-by-side with your front line workers to see what they face, all great reminders! 

Lots of practical take-aways, and a good read. Strongly recommended! – CMW