Dark Web Scan: Is Your Password On The List?

We’ve had a great response to our offer to scan our clients’ Domain Names to see what private information and passwords are available for sale on the Dark Web.

Several clients were really shocked when we read them their password!

We know first-hand that people use their password in multiple places, so your employees are probably using their personal password for their business email and account log on to your network and software (don’t you?).  If their personal accounts are compromised, your business accounts are at risk.

Pro-actively monitoring the Dark Web for compromises associated with your Domain Name accounts, personal information (those security questions you fill in) and passwords, is a safeguard for your business.  It’s also a benefit to your employees, helping them safeguard their personal accounts and information, since you’ll be able to see the compromise and let them know right away so they can change passwords at a minimum.

If the password associated with your email or the email of any of your employees is out there, it’s in your best interest to know and get things updated and changed ASAP.

If you are a Syscon client and have not taken advantage of this free scan, give us a call and we’ll be happy to run your Domain Name.  If you are a Syscon friend or are considering doing business with us, let us know you’re interested in the free scan, and if you qualify, we’ll be happy to run it for you, too.

A monthly scanning service is also available.  This notifies you of any new compromises, whether they’re in the news yet or not, so you can be up-to-date with any recent personal information or password compromises associated with your Domain Name that are for sale.  We can even add a personal email for you such as a gmail or yahoo account.

Give us a call (630-850-9039) and we’ll be happy to tell you all about the free scan, or tell you more about the monthly service! – CMW