Cues: Book Review

I heard Ms. Van Edwards speak at the Global Leadership Summit last Summer. Based on that presentation, I decided to order the book, and I’m glad I did.

The opening chapter starts with some visual cues from a Shark Tank episode. There were cues the entrepreneur missed and cues he sent that he probably didn’t intend. Maybe it was just a bad product? Nope—it was Jamie Siminoff, the founder of Ring! Are there cues you’re missing, or cues you’re sending that are standing in your way?

In another chapter under ‘How to look powerful,’ she walks through the first ever televised presidential debate between Nixon and Kennedy. The visual messages could not be missed and definitely impacted how the viewers perceived the candidates and their ability to do the job.

We all use nonverbal cues, intentionally or not! We also have situations where we may want to show more or less warmth, convey competence, and combinations of both depending on the situation.

Turns out we can be pretty intentional with the cues we send, and learn to be more aware of others’ cues. Sections include Nonverbal Cues and Vocal, Verbal and Imagery Cues. These are further broken down with specifics and examples.  Each section ends with a recap that includes when to use specific visual cues, when not to use them, along with ‘Fun Tips.’

This book is definitely worth your time! – CMW