Crazy Is a Compliment: Book Review

In a vendor event, Lindsey recommended this as one of her favorite books. The opening quote is, ‘If people aren’t calling you crazy, you aren’t thinking big enough.’ Well said!

The author runs a company that encourages and nurtures entrepreneurs all over the world. Sometimes it’s funding, but often it’s encouraging, finding resources, and negotiating the nuances of a product, culture, or environment.

Another ‘crazy’ quirk of this group of business people is that often, when things look bleak, they have their best ideas, most wild ‘what if’ moments.  There are stories of well-known companies that have had amazing turnarounds, as well as new companies on the leading edge in their industries. It seems no idea is too small. And you don’t have to be a hoody-wearing 20-something to move that crazy idea forward.

In her ‘Go Big’ section, after sharing the Katherine Briggs story (yes, Meyers-Briggs), she shares four types of entrepreneurs. Diamond: visionary dreams that disrupt; Star: charismatics building personality brands; Transfer: Changemakers who reenergize; and Rocketship: Analytical thinkers, strategic improvements. Each of these are expanded upon.

Last tidbit: the whiteboard list. 1. Close Doors; 2. Fire your mother-in-law; 3. Minnovate; 4. Drop the Pens; 5. Dream Big but Execute Small; 6. Eat the Elephant One Bite at a time. For more on these, you’ll have to read the book! – CMW