Coronavirus Stimulus Check Scam Alert

On the heels of April Fools Day, I thought I’d share how scammers are trying to fool you in another coronavirus scam.

You have probably heard about the CARES Act with its $2 trillion stimulus package that will send many Americans checks, issue loans to small business, and provides other benefits.

Hackers are capitalizing on this opportunity to run some authentic-looking scams to swindle you out of your money and possibly your identity. These hackers know many people and businesses are counting on receiving their cut of the stimulus package to weather these troubled times.

On March 30, the U.S. Treasury Department and IRS announced that these payments would begin to get distributed in the next three weeks, according to published reports.  So it’s far too early for the government to be sending you your check.

Do not respond to any email, phone call or text message that asks for your Social Security number, bank account number, PayPal account information or any other personal information in order to “process your payment.” Do not give any of this information; the government doesn’t work this way.

I’m sure you’ve read or heard some of our posts about social engineering. Now you’re seeing it in action. Don’t get fooled—don’t open these messages and don’t share any of your personal information. Be careful! -CMW