Construction Corner: Sage 100 Contractor Tip – Print Screens

Print Screens – I was at a client site providing some training for a new bookkeeper. To print a report, she would go look up the Vendor or Job number, cost code number, etc., then go to the print screen and enter them; no wonder she was frustrated with the software!

In the many print screens, you can use F5 to see the list of options, or double-click in the field to get the same list. For a few fields, the selections are in the lower left corner of the screen. This is true throughout the program.

Last thought – try using ‘In List’ or ‘Greater or =,’ ‘Less or =,’ to help find your data. If you run a report for two vendors, choose ‘In List’ and double-click (turns red) to see just those two; or select dates or posting periods using ‘Greater or =’ to see all costs from one period forward. These are great features and will save you time and paper! — CMW