Comcast and AT&T are NOT IT Companies

Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) bring the internet and sometimes phone service to your business and home.  These are a critical services – their technicians are delivering a specific solution to you but they are NOT equipped to support your company network, and that starts with the firewall.

The firewall is your first line of defense from the outside world, protecting your network. One of the most common emergencies we are pulled into is when the ISP company upgrades service or swaps out equipment and just sets the equipment back to factory defaults.  This takes down the internet (and phones if you use that service), causing a work disruption and an emergency call to our office.

If you plan a change in providers, if they’re swapping out equipment, if you’re upgrading existing service, call your IT Company first so we can be prepared to assist and test.  We can also confirm that the speeds you just purchased are the speeds you’re actually getting!  – CMW