Closing the Year – MB 15 or MB 16?

Closing the Year – MB 15 or MB 16?

We have received many calls regarding a recent e-mail from Sage Master Builder. The e-mail implies that to close the year, you must be running version 16. We remember similar communications in prior years, so we contacted Sage to clear up a few things.

Closing the Year can be done in
version of Sage Master Builder

Whether you are running versions 13, 14, 15, or 16, Closing the Year works. However, Sage Master Builder support will only be available for the two most recent versions, 15 and 16.

Syscon is ready and available to assist our clients in the year end process, as we have done since the beginning of our relationship with this product in 1995.

Sage continues to support two versions – SBM version 15 and 16 at this time

Sage has confirmed that they will support the two most recent version of Master Builder, versions 15 and 16 at this time. Many Syscon clients have custom reports, applications, integration tools, or other specific software that integrates with Sage Master Builder. Since version 16 was just released a few weeks ago, Syscon is just beginning the process of becoming familiar with the changes to determine which software, if any, will need a minor adjustment for compatibility with this new release.

When/If new Payroll Tax Tables are issued, they will be available for version 16

In the past few years, Sage has released updated tax tables for only the most recent version of Master Builder, rather than both supported versions. They will do the same thing this year. With the introduction of the Aatrix Payroll Reports for quarterly/annual Federal and State filing, all these reports will be up-to-date for either version of SMB. By the time the new tax tables (if any) are released sometime in January, companies will have had a chance to request compatibility testing with custom software/reports and can upgrade during the slower months.

End Result
– Many of you are busy bidding, and some are back in the field trying to stay ahead of the weather with the work you have. Based on the information above, if you are running third-party or custom software, upgrading to version 16 can be done at a convenient time for your office and staff after testing. We
strongly recommend
moving to Sage Master Builder version 15, at a minimum. We have sent four (4) in a series of informational updates about the SMB 15 upgrade, since there are quite a few user-related changes. Please let us know if you have questions about any of these.

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