Closing the Year in MB15 and 16 – W2 Tips

Closing the Year in MB15 and 16 – W2 Tips

Last week, we received Sage’s most recent update regarding the 2010 closing, specifically the payroll – thank you Susan J! The announcement seems to indicate that the payroll year cannot be closed in Sage Master Builder version 15, and announces they will use a four-part W-2 form (had been two-part in the past).

You can close the year in Sage Master Builder 15! We confirmed this with Sage support back in August and re-confirmed last week;. Sage is supporting the two most recent versions of Master Builder – 15 and 16. Version 15 is supported, and closing the accounting and payroll year works very well. The Aatrix reports are available for both versions 15 and 16, so all Payroll reports are available.

Biggest Change – after many years of printing W-2’s to the two-up forms, Sage Master Builder is moving to W-2 forms that are four on a page. These can be purchased from Sage or a local office supply store. Several companies have picked up their W-2 forms from an IRS office in the past, which may be an option, but call them to confirm.

If you upgraded more than a few weeks ago, you might want to update the Aatrix payroll reports. From the 5-4-1 screen, select Options, then Update Forms, then Automatic Update, and follow the prompts. As of 12/20/10, the W2 form for 2010 is not included in the most recent downloads, so we cannot ‘see’ the changed format. In the past, the W-2 updates have been available in early January.


  • The Fiscal and Payroll years can be closed in Sage Master Builder version 15 and 16
  • When ordering W-2 forms, look for the four part perforated W-2 paper per Sage’s most recent update
  • Do a test run! Choose the 2009 W-2 Form, and the Year 2010. Follow the prompts to see the various steps and menus that will be presented, using the Trial Drive option. The four-part print outs will say 2010, the two-part Federal copies (red ink) will also print and say 2010, followed by the W-3 with the totals. Then a Notice to Employees, followed by the Employer’s copy of the W-2 form (back to four-part).

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