Chrome 69 and Flash

Seems like we just got word about Chrome 68 and the ‘not secure’ warning for websites without SSL Certificates. Now we have news about the upcoming Chrome 69 release slated for September 4th. 

Adobe has a Flash plugin that is used on a lot of websites. Adobe had previously announced that it is ending Flash plugin development as of January 2020, and Chrome has made changes since 2016 regarding this feature. Right now, if Flash is enabled for a site, it will continue to be so and restarts with the browser according to Peter Bright, an editor for ArsTechnica.

With the upcoming Chrome 69 release, Flash will have to be enabled for every site, every time you start the browser. The good news is that you’ll absolutely know when it’s running; the bad news is that you may find this added step to be annoying.

In the meantime, I logged into Chrome after a few days of vacation and once again, everything looks different, again! – CMW