Christians in the Age of Outrage – Ed Stetzer

Christians in the Age of Outrage, by Ed Stetzer

The title of this book is definitely intriguing, but what really got me to buy it was listening to Ed Stetzer at the C12 event in Georgia. He is an excellent speaker, passionate about statistics, and on a mission to help us “bring our best when the world is at its worst.”

It’s amazing what people will say in an email or an online discussion; things they would never say in person. With few (if any) facts, people chime in with their “righteous” anger or opinion with venom! Mr. Stetzer walks through the stats of our changing cultural labels, then moves to some “Outrageous Lies and Enduring Truths” about engaging each other and “them” through social media.

Then you get to the “Outrageous Alternatives to Outrage” section of the book. How careful are you about what voices you allow to speak into your world? What if we used social media to improve others’ lives? A reminder: “It is okay to disagree”; it’s not whether we disagree, but how we shape the way we disagree.

Excellent and Highly Recommended! – CMW