Changes that Heal by Dr. Henry Cloud

This is the type of book that makes you reach for a pencil or highlighter so you don’t forget the nuggets you just read. Building on his previous, and awesome books on Boundaries, Dr. Cloud reminds us that change isn’t something we wait to have happen; we can dig in and get started.

He identifies four (4) shifts that make everything better, any one of which may be a struggle for us, getting in the way of our growth and the change we hope to achieve: 1. Bond with others; 2. Separate from others; 3. Sort out issues of good and bad; 4. Take charge as an adult.  Sprinkle in some Grace and Truth and you have a recipe for changes that heal. I have a ton of highlights in my copy, and I’m reminded that my excuses for my limits are pretty good, but they’re still excuses. Recommended! —CMW