Calls Claiming a Computer Virus; do not talk to them

Calls Claiming a Computer Virus; do not talk to them

It continues to amaze me how creative and persistent the attackers continue to be! Here’s the latest, and it’s good:

They CALL your office, tell you there may be an infection on your network, ask you to go to the internet or somewhere on your system; they run something and tell you there is a virus, then they download a
hacker program
right onto your network!

No anti-virus vendor is going to call you
– Syscon may call you if we see something in our daily or weekly scans, but no vendor is going to do this.
Do not give out any information, do not go to the internet site they ask you to visit, do not download anything, and DO NOT let them on your machine. Don’t worry about being rude.

We’ve had several clients already receive these calls, and our own Customer Support desk received the same call – Sara couldn’t believe it! Tell
in your office that answers the phones.

Any questions, call us. If we call you, we’ll identify ourselves. If you’re not convinced, hang up and call our main number – 630-850-9039 – so you know it is really Syscon.

Don’t fool around with this. It is a virus that locks you out of your files and this is serious.

Catherine Wendt

Syscon, Inc.

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