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Business Consulting

What is Business Consulting

For more than 35 years, we’ve collected a wealth of working knowledge and experience solving problems, re-working business processes and helping our clients solve their back-office challenges. Each business is unique – personality, focus, niche market, etc. – and yet there are some common problems and pain points within specific industries.

Construction: With a small foot print in the office, key systems are so important. You need timely, accurate information on your projects. Information from the field needs to be timely and accurate, including payroll hours. You must have an efficient flow of information to the office for processing and reporting. Next is the analysis of budget to actual, indirect costs, progress billing and the tracking of overhead costs. We’ve developed systems and work flow solutions, along with procedures, taking advantage of the advances in technology. Whatever the point of pain, we most likely have some experience and ideas we can bring to your company.

How can we help you?

Sage 100 Contractor: Construction Accounting and Project Management Software

Our Specialty? Specialty Contractors

Syscon has been working with Sage 100 Contractor, formerly Sage Master Builder, since 1995. We have been leaders in using this powerful solution to help make contractors’ businesses more efficient, more profitable and more rewarding in many different ways.

– Syscon installed the first version of Sage 100 Contractor to run on the Microsoft Windows platform in March 1995

– Syscon pioneered unique tools and methods that are still in use today to convert data from legacy systems to Sage 100 Contractor

– Syscon was the first company to develop add-on reports and products for Sage 100 Contractor

– Syscon was the first company to provide enhanced union reporting for Sage 100 Contractor

– Syscon still works with its first Sage 100 Contractor client; Syscon began handling their IT support back in 1989!

We can put our experience to work for your business today with training, consulting, analysis and implementation.

Workflow Automation

Each office, small or large, has the challenge of managing the flow of data. Let us apply our years of experience and breadth of knowledge to save your company time and ensure accuracy.

Ways we can help:

  • Field Integrated Time (F.I.T.) System

    Capture time entry and other important information from the field.
    Seamlessly connect your field and office!

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  • 2-Hour Network Review

    Find out how your current network is performing.
    Is it safe from spam, virus attacks, and ready with data backup?

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  • Workflow Efficiency Review

    Discover how to save your office hundreds of hours.
    Automate many of your manual and repetitive processes.

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