Bring Your Own Device (BYOD); a Culture Trend

There’s a growing trend that has some great benefits for the employer and the employee – everyone uses their own personal device at work. This is less expensive for the company and cuts down on tracking equipment; employees get to pick equipment based on their own preferences and personal desires.

Before you jump on board, the Syscon Techs have a few things for you to consider:
– Any device that connects to the network is an ‘endpoint’ and can be a threat to network safety and security.
– Does the device have anti-virus software? Who will make sure it’s installed and up-to-date? Who pays for it?
– There may be additional costs to support such a variety of equipment. Lack of uniformity requires more time, skill, and usually results in extra support time. Something as simple as an email signature may look different on an Android than an iPhone.
– If an employee needs support on their personal device, does the company pay for support such as equipment upgrades, user learning curves, and setting changes?
– Your Company data is on that device! Users are not in the habit of locking these; they can be lost or stolen; they may accidentally forward company information to outsiders; what if they leave the company, what happens to your data?

BYOD is a great alternative, but it’s important to think through how your staff uses this equipment, what kind of company data is at risk, and what policies you can put in place and enforce. Food for thought… Give us a call – 630-850-9039 – or email us at – CMW