Book Review: The Power to Change

As the opening speaker of this August’s Global Leadership Summit (GLS), Craig Groeschel shared another encouraging, and challenging message. I decided to order his latest book.

When I first started reading it, I thought it would be a ‘repeat’ of books by Darren Hardy and  James Clear, good reminders, but the same. There is some overlap, but I was very glad I continued reading the book.

In the first section, he talks about who we are as individuals, not necessarily labeling ourselves by what we do. That includes our profession, but also as a ‘smoker,’ or ‘procrastinator,’ and similar, which is NOT who we are. It may seem subtle, but the messages we tell ourselves are pretty powerful, and non-stop!

Defining the ‘Win.’ Changing takes time, so defining what ‘winning’ looks like, in detail, is very helpful, a clear goal!

In the next section, I found a phrase that I now have taped to the wall—I’m in training! When responding to the offer of a cigarette, it’s ‘I don’t smoke.’ But those tasty treats, or a few extra minutes under the covers are tempting. But, if ‘I’m in training,’ it means I have a goal and a commitment. Another subtle shift.

The next sections dig into the importance of Habits, not just ’hoping’ things will happen.   Part 4 is Sowing, not reaping, but as we all know, we often reap more than we sow!. And finally (he’s a preacher), God’s Power, not willpower.  Each chapter has room at the end for notes and reflection.  Recommended!- CMW