Book Review: The Customer Service Revolution

I heard John DiJulius speak at a recent industry event in Nashville. His passion for the Customer Service revolution is sincere and compelling.

Whether it’s in-person customer service, a call center, or online, people’s expectations are moving away from purely transactional to relational. When it’s just a transaction, we tend to move to price. If it’s a relationship, a positive interaction, price can move lower on the list.

There are many examples of how simple word changes to contracts, signage, and other communication can change how we come off to prospects and customers. He has so many examples, you’ll want to read them through.

Not all of our staff members are wired to be in customer service rolls, so hiring is still very important. Even those who have great ‘raw materials’ still need training. He makes strong arguments to train and retrain to hold the standards high. There’s an entire section on the-day-in-the-life of a customer; what a great idea. This is an easy read with great examples and strong arguments; I have lots of notes! Definitely Recommended! –CMW