Book Review: The 5 Levels of Leadership

I found this book exciting, irritating, frustrating, and encouraging as I read through the chapters. It seems that leadership is not a linear journey. You can be at different levels in different circumstances, all at the same moment in time.  You might be new to a charity board while at the same time have many years and contributions to an association’s board.

If you’re new to someone or a role, you may be at Level 1: Position, which is a title. As you work with the team, you can move to Level 2: Permission, something you earn. With this foundation, Level 3: Production is in sight as you experience the synergy that produces results in the business. It’s very normal to stop here. This is an exciting level and the results are very visible, tangible. Making production rates, sales targets, KPI’s, meeting efficiency, and profitability goals is very exciting.

A conscious decision to take on Level 4: People Development moves past production as you help your team grow in their own leadership journeys. Basically, you begin to focus on working your way out of a job, assisting others as they work through the leadership levels.

Then there’s Level 5: The Pinnacle. At this level, your job is more about developing leaders than ’getting work done,’ allowing you to expand your influence in your industry, community, and organizations. The last section of the book about Coach John Wooden provides some excellent stories that when added to Mr. Maxwell’s, reflect his passion for the topic. Definitely Recommended! – CMW