Book Review: Get Different

At the annual Keap (CRM) event, Mike Michalowicz was one of the speakers and shared his latest book with everyone. He’s written several books all geared toward his personal mission to ‘eradicate entrepreneurial poverty.’

After stating his case to be bold with marketing and to be creative, he also shared some formulas: Does it Differentiate? Does it Attract? Does it Direct? D-A-D for short. Throughout the book he asks if DAD would approve your ideas. He also has specific and incremental steps to work through the creative process, get ideas flowing, then take baby steps to move forward.

He makes a good argument for testing and tracking the results of all marketing efforts, making little tweaks, and knowing when to say ‘it didn’t work.’ The worksheets are in the back of the book and available online at no charge.

He’s quite energetic in person and in the book. He has great examples from all types of industries, some really creative efforts, successes and failures. It’s a little wordy, but it’s born out of his passion to help. Definitely worth reading; let the ideas flow! -CMW