Book Review: False Assumptions

I love these two authors so when Larry mentioned this title, I was all-in. We bring false assumptions to our conversations and relationships pretty regularly as we try to make sense of what we see and hear. Turns out this book is focused on 12 specific ‘crazy’ beliefs that are usually presented as ‘Christian’ but are anything but!

The initial request was to address a singles group at a church in CA about spiritual growth. The Drs held a series of Sunday night lessons taking honest questions and giving honest answers. That led to the book, designed to address some ‘crazymaker’ assumptions that are wrapped up in a ‘Christian’ wrapper, but miss the mark. As each assumption is presented, there is a patient’s story, the assumption which usually has a grain of truth, then a deep dive into where it falls off the wagon. There are many cited Scriptures and practical applications as each one is unwrapped.

Although the book is from 1994, these ‘crazy’ assumptions are all around us almost 30 years later. Definitely recommended, no matter your faith background! –CMW