Book Review: BE 2.0

Years ago Jim Collins joined with his then-mentor and wrote Beyond Entrepreneurship (BE). For several years he’s wanted to add and expand the information to incorporate the results of his many research projects. So he decided to write BE 2.0.

The original text is all intact and as Mr. Collins shares in the opening, it’s solid information and worth re-printing.

Inserted into the chapters you’ll find the expanded information. He cites many of his research studies and expands on many of the concepts in the original book. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that he didn’t just copy-paste from other books, but has thoughtfully woven the additional information into the context of the original chapters.

The book also takes another step—many of the companies that were part of his research projects are quite large, leaving the reader to wonder if these concepts will work with their company. A great deal of care has been taken to tie these concepts and words of wisdom into practical application for our companies.  Definitely Recommended! –CMW