Basic Auth – End of Life

For those of you using Sage 100 Contractor, version 24 has some very interesting features and changes (see our July and August newsletters for more details). If you use Direct Deposit and ACH, before you upgrade to version 24, you’ll need to make a few changes.

Some background:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is critical to secure your accounts, and many insurance companies will not renew policies without this feature in place.
  • Many clients use Basic Authentication (referred to as ‘Basic Auth’) for SMTP email which is used for Direct Deposit/ACH email notifications. Microsoft is turning this off on October 1st, several weeks from now. This will be end of life October 1st.
  • Sage 100 Contractor version 24 supports a replacement method of sending email so Direct Deposit and ACH transactions will NOT fail when Microsoft makes this change.
  • We’ve been helping our clients use a combination of SendGrid and CloudFlare to address the changes Sage and Microsoft have made.

So, as soon as possible, we’d like to help you make the changes so you don’t have any surprises on October 1st and don’t have any surprises when you upgrade to S100C v24. We recommend making the changes now so if there are any issues, we can turn the SMTP service back on and troubleshoot before the October 1st deadline.

Next steps: If we’re taking care of your email, give us a call (630-850-9039 Office) to schedule the email notification changes, then the version 24 upgrade. You’ll need to make the SMTP change before October 1st along with the move to version 24. If we don’t handle your email, please connect with your IT team and if needed, we can assist; we’re here to help!