Bank Websites, Trusteer Software, and the Truth About AV

When I log on to our bank’s website, or we’re troubleshooting with you, we often see the invitation to install the Trusteer software. The bank log on screens strongly encourage you to install it. So what do the Techs have to say about it?

Don’t install it! This program uses quite a bit of computer resources while it’s scanning which slows down your computer. If you have an anti-virus solution installed on your computer (and you should already have this), the Trusteer software creates conflicts since it’s a type of anti-virus product. They fight each other for computer resources, for one thing. The Trusteer software also interferes with our anti-virus solution and even blocks our anti-virus updates!

Banks push this solution because, in their experience, many people do not have anti-virus software installed or it is woefully out of date. They want to protect their sites and their users’ credentials, an admirable goal.

Bottom line? Do NOT install this on your business computers that already have anti-virus, and especially if you are on one of our Private Cloud solutions. Still not sure? Give us a call and we can take a look – 630-850-9039. – CMW