Backup Disaster Recovery – our Partner, Datto

In early 2014, Syscon began a search to replace our backup disaster recovery fleet. Through each round, the Datto Siris units came up on top. We were very excited, so we decided to begin with our own equipment. We replaced our BDR’s, attended their annual Partner conference, and started the training process.

We have successfully replaced our entire fleet of backup disaster recovery units, and added a few of their NAS backup solutions. In several emergencies, the hardware, software, and support staff have come through—everything from file recovery, large data set recovery, to Cryptolocker disasters; each time with success.

In July this year, we again attended their conference and heard some great new offerings; watched as they used dry ice to destroy a computer and virtualize the backup; all as we reached the highest partner level, Datto Elite Partners, with over 42 TB of data under management!