Automated Maintenance Saves Time

Managed Services are all about bringing automation to network devices, monitoring, setting alert parameters, pushing out Windows and security patches, the latest anti-virus (AV) software and definition files, and a host of other automation options.

When we’re at a client site performing maintenance without the benefit of Managed Services, installing these critical AV updates and Windows/Security patches takes up a lot of our time. This really cuts into our time to look at the overall health of the network, devices that may be reaching end-of-life, running low on disk space, or in need of firmware updates.

With Managed Services in place, our time is much more efficient and our clients benefit from having the latest security patches immediately rather than waiting for our next visit. Think of it like taking vitamins every day and still going to the doctor for a checkup! Give us a call and we’d be happy to tell you about it. – CMW