Are Employees Keeping Your Data Safe?

You may have heard about the security breach experienced by Facebook. In an early October update from ID Agent, a few details were provided.

The exploit was a web vulnerability. The risk to Small Businesses was rated as severe; the risk to individuals was rated as moderate. The number of customers impacted? 50 million!

So what’s the risk to your business? Many people use the same log on credentials and password on more than one site. So if they use the same log on and password with Facebook that they use to log into you network, your company is vulnerable to an attack.

You may think, how would they even know how to get to my network; well, they have very sophisticated software that can run hundreds and hundreds of attempts to random addresses with very little effort.

Talk to your employees—do they know Facebook was compromised? Do they use the same credentials? At the least, ask them to change their password on your network (and Facebook). Ask them to consider a different log on name for their non-business accounts. Be pro-active; your money and business are at stake! – CMW