Anti-Virus Services – What Changed?

Anti-Virus Services – What Changed?

These days, good anti-virus is absolutely mission critical for all business and home computers. Black Hat Hackers and virus/malware writers have been stepping up their game, and have been launching very successful attacks on large and small organizations and home users worldwide. It seems like every time we watch the news we hear about another data breach.

No anti-virus is 100% perfect; it is a constant cat-and-mouse game between the virus writers and the anti-virus companies. When the virus writers come out with a new exploit unknown to anyone, it is called a ‘Zero Day Exploit.’ When this happens, it is open season until the anti-virus companies come up with a ‘fix’ called a Definition, which will recognize the attack signature and stop it before it can infect the machine or server.

The Syscon Managed Anti-Virus (AV) Service uses the Bit Defender engine which has a very high detection rate when compared to other AV solutions. Bit Defender has been ranked among the top three AV solutions both this year and last year by multiple independent organizations. More important than the ability to detect existing viruses and other threats is the ability to detect Zero-day malware/viruses that have never been seen before, but have attributes that suggest malicious intent. The difference in detection methods between known and brand-new malware is that if the malware is known, Bit Defender has a signature in its file to watch for it. In order to detect Zero-day malware, Bit Defender inspects anything that looks suspiciously similar to a class of files known to be malicious. Bit Defender further checks for Zero-day malware by examining files to see if they behave in potentially malicious ways; this is called Heuristic Detection.

Syscon’s Managed AV service includes a dedicated person analyzing weekly scans and threat reports for issues, then working with you to resolve anything that needs attention. Custom reports are emailed each week for your review. We are always available for questions, concerns, or assistance.
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