Anti-SPAM Services – Changes Coming

Anti-SPAM Services – Changes Coming

Many of our clients have anti-SPAM services to ‘scrub’ the incoming email before it gets to your inbox. This is an important step in protecting your entire system from malware of all types (see our Jan/Feb newsletter).

For our Exchange Hosting clients, we also provide Outbound email scrubbing to protect your server from being flagged as a source of SPAM.

The amount of SPAM caught by the filter, can be anywhere between 95% and 99.8% of incoming email; just another confirmation that anti-SPAM is a necessary service.

Historically, we have recommended Sonicwall Email Security services. This product has served our clients very well over the years. However, we’ve seen an increase in the amount of SPAM getting through the filters.

A few years ago, we started using Roaring Penguin anti-SPAM services with good results. We have now moved our internal service to Roaring Penguin after testing. We are pleased to recommend Roaring Penguin for any client that is experiencing an increase in SPAM .

There are a couple of other benefits to this service; rather than purchasing an annual subscription renewal, we can provide a monthly service based on the number of addresses. This allows for flexibility since you only pay for the number of boxes in use each month.

If you have questions, feel free to ask your tech, or call 630-850-9039 for a quote.

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