Another Syscon Client Tricked Into Downloading Cryptolocker!

I’m always worried that I’m boring our clients and friends with continual warnings and recommendations regarding their security. Then we have another client under attack and I’m committed all over again! The most recent was the UPS email, a favorite for hackers since it has such a high success rate. I bet they’re rolling it out during the holiday season on purpose. At this particular client, they got an email for a UPS delivery, clicked open the email, and then, clicked on the attachment—please don’t click on these. Best advice? Call the vendor, call the sender, but don’t assume that an email is innocent. Be on guard! Every email should be approached with caution; the sender may have been infected, it may be a hoax, it may be a bogus sender that looks like someone you know. And while I’m on it, never ever send or wire money anywhere until you get on the phone and have a conversation with the boss or banker, personally!-CMW