Another Email Scam and it Looks Really ‘Good’!

Sorry to interrupt your late-summer fun, but this scam has our techs calling me asking for an email blast!

The email looks like it’s from Microsoft and says that there’s an attached voicemail. The actual attachment is a Word document camouflaged as a PDF. As of this writing, the anti-virus engines and VirusTotal software do not see these as malicious and aren’t flagging or quarantining them as they do with other threats. I’m sure they’ll get on this, but right now, it’s not getting ‘caught’ in the filters.

The author of the email is a ‘Mr. Bagz.’ The sender is, but it displays as if it is coming from Microsoft. Do Not Open! Do not check it out; just delete it. Tell your office, tell your peers, anyone who will listen.

If you have questions or any suspicious communications, always err on the side of caution. Need another set of eyes? Give us a call – 630-850-9039 – or email us at – CMW