Android Phones—Changes are Coming

August 1st, Android is set to make a new release that will require Android specific programs to have 64-bit Builds. As software companies make changes to meet these new requirements, some older cell phones may have issues running the replacement (or new) apps.

It’s very likely that new apps, or newly updated apps coming out in the next few months may not work on phones that are 5 years old or older. In fact, Google announced that they will remove any app that is not 64-bit, right out of the App Store.

For companies that allow BYOD (bring your own device), this is something to share with all the staff; you may want to consider helping out with the cost to replace older phones, especially if there are company-specific apps that they use to get their job done or provide information (time, for instance). For company phones, look for options and deals to replace these older cell phones, soon.—CMW